CQ : Cultural Intelligence
Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the malleable capability that a person has to function effectively in a variety of cultural contexts – both internationally and domestically.

Research demonstrates that having cultural intelligence predicts adjustment, well-being, cultural judgment, decision making and task performance in diverse cultural situations.

The CQ assessment tool, which incorporates 4 distinctive competences, measures individual areas of strength and areas of developmental needs. The comprehensive feedback report allows individuals with our EPS team support to enhance their Cultural Intelligence.
PRINT® Why of You Survey

Originally created by The Paul Hertz Group, PRINT® uses a combination of customized reports, workshops and team/individual coaching to reveal the unconscious motivations that drive a person’s behaviour and actions.

Instead of only describing observable behaviours or preferences (as is the case with conventional assessments), PRINT addresses the root cause of persistent issues by uncovering changes needed for sustainable improvement, growth and change.

During the last three decades, PRINT’s prescriptive approach has solved mysteries that plague organizations in hundreds of different industries.

Examples of documented PRINT impact include:

  • Salvaging a multi-million dollar contract
  • Cutting recruiting costs by 50%
  • Realising a $70 million gain to bottom-line profits
  • Innovation strategies increasing annual revenue by 12%
  • 100 year old company celebrating their most profitable year in history
  • Averting a 10% budget cut inside of a prominent government agency
  • 30% improvement in team engagement correlating with a 30% increase in profit
  • Increasing financial performance by 54%
  • 15% of $100,000,000 deal is saved
  • Reducing turnover and manager lost time saving companies between $2 million and $27 million annually
Integral 360 Degree Surveys
The Integral Leadership & Management 360° profile (LPM) is a 360° degree feedback process to help you with your personal and professional development. 360° degree feedback means that you get feedback from your peers, your subordinates and your superordinates. Your therefore get a well rounded and reliable assessment of your leadership and management effectiveness.

More than 5,000 Australian executives, managers and supervisors over the last 15 years have turned to Integral Development to complete their 360° feedback surveys. We understand how important it is to have good, working relationships with the people around you and to receive leveraged skill and behavioural based feedback across all levels.

The 360° degree survey can help you to understand the complex and interrelated skills that lay the foundation for effective leadership and managerial behaviour in your organisation or sector.

The Integral 360° survey report provides you with feedback in the following areas:
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Leadership and management roles
  • Skills and abilities associated with leadership effectiveness
  • Self-skills
  • Highest and lowest rated skills and behaviours
  • Open comments made by raters
  • A development workbook to assist in deciding action steps
EPS works in partnership with leading organisations to develop a diverse, inclusive and culturally intelligent organisation.
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